13658 Dunborough Road, Dutton, ON

If you are interested in helping out to ensure the future of the Crinan Community Centre we welcome you!  You can get involved through the Board meetings, and the planning of community events and fundraisers.

The Board currently has agreed to meet quarterly.  All meetings are open to the general public, anyone can attend.  Please email or check the website for the date of the next meeting.  The Annual General Meeting where Board membership is reviewed is typically in March or April every year. 

The current Board of the Crinan Community Centre is as follows:

  • Sharon Gilchrist - Crinan Women's Institute Representative 
  • Catherine Hayward - Crinan Women's Institute Representative
  • Annie Isobel Tait - Additional Board Member
  • Barb Ross - Dutton/Dunwich Area Representative
  • Susan McWilliam - Dutton/Dunwich Area Representative
  • Alan Carroll - West Elgin Area Representative
  • Vacant - West Elgin Area Representative
  • Maryjo Tait - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Rob Tait - Chair

If you have interest in volunteering or helping out at any events, we welcome you and would love to have anyone that is interested.  Please email crinancommunity@hotmail.com for any questions or more information. 

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