13658 Dunborough Road, Dutton, ON

Art Zoller and his father and three other musicians started playing for fun in the parlor in his father's residence.  Soon they were asked to play at the Crinan Community Centre.  This picture is from the History of Aldborough Township book, and shows the band in 1980 playing at McFadden's Truck Centre, Rodney, ON.  

U.S.S. No 3 - Separate entrances for the boys and the girls, the washrooms were outside of the building in the back outhouses.  Bell was still present in the bell tower. 

 We are working hard to continue keeping this historical facility available to the public.  
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​In 1912 there was a wish to start new schools between the lake and the Thames River so the children did not have to walk so far to school.   On November 23, 1912, a meeting was held to vote on the school site, and one acre of the northwest corner of Lot 1, Concession 3, Dunwich was selected (the corner of the farm owned by John McEachren).  Construction began, and the Union School Section No. 3 opened on October 22, 1913.   The first teacher was Miss Mary E. Andrews, and her yearly salary was $550.00.  This one-room school house continued until 1964, and the last teacher was Mrs. Margaret Hulls.  The one-room school house continued until Aldborough and Dutton-Dunwich Public Schools were open.

The school was closed as a place of education in June of 1965. 

The Crinan Women’s Institute sponsored an auction of various items adjacent to the Argyle Crinan Presbyterian Church to raise money to purchase one of the local schools that would be going up for auction.  Approximately $550 was raised by the Crinan Women’s Institute.

In December 1965, the Union School Section No. 3 Aldborough and Dunwich school was purchased for $800.00.  The piano was also bought.

A hall committee was appointed consisting of one man from each former section (Dunwich, Aldborough, Crinan) and three (3) Women’s Institute Members.  The original members were George Jamieson, Donald Johnson, Lorne Carroll, Frank McMurchy,  and three members of the Crinan Women’s Institute. 

After the hall was taken over by the committee, the building was and continues to be used as a community centre, with many dances, card parties, farewells, bridal showers, etc.  The many dances were frequented with local music, including Stuart McIntyre on the fiddle, Donald Percival on the banjo and guitar, and Earl Bobier also on guitar.  Mrs. Morrish and Mrs. Frank Dill also joined in on occasion on the piano.  Square dances were also popular, with callers being Dunc Gilchrist, George Jamieson, and Dunc McPherson.   Art Zoller and family later joined in with the musical festivities, and the Crinan County Band (Art Zoller & Family) was born. 

In 2002, due to the work of many wonderful volunteers and the hard working hall committee, the hall received funding through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.  On September 6, 2003 the hall was re-opened following major upgrades which included an accessible entrance, proper washroom facilities, a re-done kitchen and other inside upgrades.  Wayne Hogulund from West Lorne did all the construction, and many from the community also volunteered their services.    

The hall continues to be in the heart of the community and is still used for parties, showers, card parties etc.  

History of Aldborough Township Complied, Edited & Written by Harley Lashbrook, 2001. 
Crinan Women's Institute Tweedsmuir History Book

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